Can Hollywood's Top Stylist Dress a Real Woman?

Fashion Road Test
Rachel Zoe
Rebecca Greenfield

The smoky-eyed, superskinny look you see all over the red carpet is the brainchild of Rachel Zoe. Lately, however, she's taken flack for this supposedly unhealthy aesthetic. In her new book, Style A to Zoe, she champions a fabulous attitude above all.

CLEO GLYDE, a robust size 12, tries Zoe's theory on for size.

Rebecca Greenfield


We both agreed that this fun, kitschy find, very London '79, had a Cabbage Patch-doll fussiness on me.

Rebecca Greenfield


Surprise! This floaty, batlike silhouette is more slimming than the cinched, tight look I usually wear to accentuate my waist.

Rebecca Greenfield


Zoe breaks the 30-and-over rule that keeps me in pencil skirts: "Let's show those legs."

Rebecca Greenfield


This structured, stylish cocoon made instant impact. Zoe raves: "I love this poncho more than life itself."

Rebecca Greenfield

"Success! Zoe goes for bold color statements and surprising accessories. In this outfit, I could see why." —Cleo Glyde


1. Go for big-impact accessories rather than fiddly jewelry.

2. Don't blindly follow trends.

3. Buy vintage pieces to make your wardrobe more unique.

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