What I Love About Me: Austin

Austin's beauties share their standout traits just in time for South by Southwest.

"Mark Lim"
Austin's beauties share their standout traits just in time for South by Southwest.
"Mark Lim"
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Tyna Hoang, 25
"A slick of red turns my everyday pout into get-me-noticed lips."
"Mark Lim"
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Kathleen M. Carmichael, 27
"Having blunt bangs brings out every feature on my face — from my almond-shaped eyes to my button nose."
"Mark Lim"
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Amy Haley, 27
"I inherited my 23-inch wait from my grandmother. It adds so much femininity to my willowy frame."
"Mark Lim"
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Christina Svec, 27
"People give me props for my toned yet curvy figure."
"Mark Lim"
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Jordan Jimenez, 21
"Thanks to my Mexican heritage, my caramel complexion has a sun-kissed glow year-round."
"Mark Lim"
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Leah Nelson, 33
"I can always count on my thick, glossy waves to help pull my look together."
"Mark Lim"
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Avery Nystrom, 22
"My eyes change color at a moment's notice — from hazel to gray to bright blue."
"Mark Lim"
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Cecilia Mireles, 34
"I'm crazy about my long mermaid hair. It makes a major statement no matter what I'm wearing."
"Mark Lim"
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Jenny Woys, 29
"A tousled topknot and statement jewelry highlight my long neck."
"Mark Lim"
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Stefanie Orrange, 21
"My larger-than-life smile is the best cure for a bad day."
"Mark Lim"
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Heidi Zienty, 26
"Like both my parents, I show my emotions through my expressive eyes."
"Mark Lim"
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Merritt Beck, 25
"My milky complexion lends the perfect canvas for a bright pop of color."
"Mark Lim"
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Elizabeth Aubrey, 34
"I credit my shapely legs to good genes, an elliptical machine, and my three-story walk-up."
"Mark Lim"
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Sara Stark, 24
"I'm all about the transformative ease of my hair. It's a cinch to switch up depending on my mood."
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