Anne Hathaway Is a Powerful Fashion Chameleon In Two Very Different Outfits

Bow down to the Princess of Genovia and queen of the quick change.

Anne Hathaway in two white outfits
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Hyper-labeled aesthetics defined 2023. But these microtrends—balletcore, the Clean Girl, and Gorpcore—subjugate consumers into specific boxes. If you're a "clean girl," you wear minimalist clothes and no-makeup makeup. If you're into Gorpcore, you opt for an outdoorsy influence and most likely own a coat from Artcyrx and sneakers from Salomon. These labels make style easier to digest but confine you to one set aesthetic when curating your closet. And where's the fun in that? Instead, consider taking a cue from the fashion chameleon Anne Hathaway, who wore two white outfits with polar opposite sartorial vibes in one day. One moment, the actress was wearing a utilitarian shirt and cargo pants, and the next, she was in a polished blazer and mini-skirt.

Let's break down Hathaway's utility look first. The actress, who was in New York City yesterday doing press for her new movie Eileen, opted for a white tank top adorned with mini crystals and a matching oversized shacket also detailed with jewels throughout the sleeves. On the bottom, she wore white satin cargo pants in a tapered silhouette and topped her look off with silver platform heels by Jimmy choo. We know Hathway isn’t unfamiliar with sporting sparkle (she’s close with the Bvlgari house), and her pendant necklace, rings, earrings, and even sunglasses are credited to the brand.

Hathaway's first white outfit was equal parts sporty and put-together; thus, we can confidently mark it down as influenced by the Gorpcore aesthetic. The actress could easily sport the outfit throughout the day but also wear it when going out in the evening.

Anne Hathway Cargo and Shirt Look

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Later in the day, Hathaway changed into a polished look that featured a longline white fitted blazer and matching mini skirt. She kept the same jewels from her earlier outfit but changed into black cat-eye sunglasses and added white Christian Louboutin pointed-toe heels. The blazer and skirt outfit was the complete opposite of the cargo ensemble she previously wore, confirming that Hathaway is a master at oscillating between aesthetics.

Anne Hathway Mini Skirt and Blazer Outfit

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Anne Hathway is a master fashion chameleon. She can wear anything and look good in it all. But most importantly, each look she wears out still feels familiar to herself. While we often refer back to her canon character, Andy Sachs of The Devil Wears Prada, Hathaway’s style is all her own. It isn’t preppy, minimalist, or based heavily on current trends, but reflects on what Hathway feels best in at the moment. And for that, she deserves a round of applause. It’s refreshing to see the actress try on different silhouettes, always leaving us waiting on what she’ll be wearing next. 

Besides Hathway’s varied style, her all-white looks re-invigorate our love for winter whites. No, white pieces don’t have to be stored away after Labor Day. Instead, they can help add variety to our winter rotation.

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