At Long Last: Bella Hadid Staged Her Street Style Return

She forewent her signature kooky-cool style for a more subdued and classic look.

Bella Hadid made her street style comeback in a black outfit and trench coat
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We haven’t had many Bella Hadid street style sightings lately because the bonafide supermodel is taking a much-deserved break to reset and recharge. But...hark! There she is: Today, the high-caliber star was photographed out and about in New York City, offering a long-awaited and rare glimpse into her legendary personal style. But Bella Hadid's recent street style return was much more subdued and minimal and a notable shift from her signature kooky, colorful, and maximalist style.

Could it be? Is the resident in chief of the "weird girl" aesthetic turning over a new fashion leaf? (Another less important but still present question we have: does her recent fashion evolution have anything to do with her new cowboy boyfriend, Adan Banuelos?)

Hadid wore a light khaki trench coat with a chocolate-brown interior and simple black slack trousers. She bundled up in a streamlined black turtleneck, likely to combat NYC's crisp and chilly wind tunnels. Off of the simplistic components of her outfit, it looks like Hadid is officially entering her minimalist fashion era, following in the footsteps of fellow model Kaia Gerber.,

Bella Hadid Minimalism

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However, Hadid's street style comeback moment featured a few key details that signaled her fashion P.O.V. hasn't changed too much. She kept her accessories playful and thrifty (Hadid loves a good thrift store, after all): Hadid wore archival 1999 black leather Prada Linea Rossa boots with extremely thick heels (my inner '90s fashion minimalist is screaming) and a large vintage Nahui Ollin handbag, checkered in black and white (an easy Ebay find, full of candied nostalgia for junior high). For additional touches, Hadid wore a mixture of gold and silver rings and a pair of small rectangular dark sunglasses.

Bella Hadid Minimalism

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The Kin Euphorics co-founder went for a "no makeup, makeup" look: Her lips were neutral and glossy, in a shade of rosy pink. Lastly, Hadid styled her notably long, dark brunette hair in her hallmark curly waves that cinematically blew in the wind as she strutted to her blacked-out SUV, driven by her chauffeur. 

We hope to see more of the catwalk starlet soon—and we eagerly await the new trends she's sure to spearhead that will dictate our Pinterest boards and Instagram grids.

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