The 12 Best Oversized Sweaters for Women in 2022

This winter, baggier is better.

Ellie Delphine wears an oversized sweater
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Maximum comfort has become a stalwart theme in fashion as of late. You saw it with the loungewear boom of two years ago that almost made "hard pants" (essentially any trouser with a non-elastic waist) extinct. Even the knitwear space, an industry niche that's already synonymous with coziness, was taken to new comfortable frontiers when all of the best sweaters (opens in new tab) began to grow baggier and boxier. And at the heart of this sweater trend that revolves around relaxed fits is a simple fact: In times of strife—or, rather, just whenever you want—the best oversized sweaters double as emotional support blankets.

"I’ve always been a big fan of oversized women's sweaters (who doesn’t like cozying into a wearable blanket when it’s cold and wet outside?)," Heather Newberger (opens in new tab), stylist and fashion writer, shares over email. "But there are absolutely some things you need to keep in mind when purchasing." Ahead, the fashion stylist breaks down what's key to consider when shopping for a relaxed-fitting sweater and offers insight on how to style an oversized sweater so the loose silhouette doesn't completely overwhelm your look. You'll also find 12 of the best oversized women's sweaters on 2022's market ready to shop, too, so ensure your debit card is at the ready.

What to Look For

  • Materials

"For one, I’d ask yourself: How sensitive is your skin? There are a ton of different fabric blends out there, but not everyone is suited for your individual needs," details Newberger. "Even just touching a sweater in the store isn’t always the easiest test, as your hands are much rougher than the rest of your body. I suggest taking a look at what sweaters you already have/love and getting an idea of what materials they’re made of before heading out to shop. Make sure to cross-reference these materials with what you’re interested in prior to purchase because it doesn’t matter how cute something is if you’re never going to wear it."

  • Climate

"I’d also take into account the climate of the environment you live in, or where you plan to wear your sweater," offers the How to Date Your Wardrobe author. "A lot of (specifically fast fashion) retailers don’t put in the extra effort to make sweaters actually warm. They use cheap materials, in addition to polyblends, etc., so while they may look great on the rack or on your body, they may not hold up to the scrutiny of the outdoors. Nordic brands (such as the mid-tiered & Other Stories)," shouts out Newberger, "do a great job of bringing both style and substance to their sweaters."

How to Style an Oversized Sweater

A French Tuck

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"I love using a French tuck to create shape," says the stylist. "I like to say that dressing starts from the ground up, so choosing a great pair of pants, and then tucking your sweater into them is a really classic and chic way to wear something oversized. It suggests you know a thing or two about how to dress for your figure, and it gives your oversized sweater some shape."

Baggy on Baggy

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"I’ve also been dabbling in leaving my oversized sweaters out and pairing them with wide or baggy jeans, leaning into the 'everything oversized' trend," states Newberger. "It was tough for me to make this switch, because I love to create shapes and highlight my waist, and this trend bucks that sensibility—but I wouldn’t say it’s unflattering. Oversized sweaters almost exclusively lower their shoulder lines, so they look deliberately large (and not like you’re just swimming in your dad’s old cashmere). Therefore, keeping your whole outfit oversized still looks intentional—and intentionality is everything when it comes to putting a look together," she asserts.

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Heather Newberger

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