Ask, and You Shall Receive: A Timeline of Demi Moore Carrying Her Dog Pilaf Like an Accessory

Oh, to be a Chihuahua toted around by an A-lister...

demi moore with pilaf jan 2024
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When I first saw Demi Moore carrying her teeny tiny pooch, Pilaf, in a sling while running errands, I thought it was a cutesy one-off moment. But now that the actress stepped out with her beloved pet, not just once or twice…but on four (!) separate occasions in January alone, it's clear Moore's new favorite accessory is her teeny-tiny dog. Forget a trendy handbag or pair of sunnies—we fully endorse Moore toting around her puppy around like a purse (I mean, that face! The tongue!).

Moore was most recently spotted out and about on Tuesday night while carrying her Chihuahua, Pilaf, in a black tote worn across her body. As for Moore herself, she wore a camel linen blazer with a gray sweater underneath. She paired her top with a midi leather skirt and white knee-high boots. Her accessories that night featured a mini purse in hand, along with aviator frames and diamond earrings.

Of course, we can't talk about accessories without emphasizing Pilaf—After all, the pup seems like the best statement accessory a girl can ever have.

demi moore with pilaf jan 2024

Demi Moore's recent outing with her teeny tiny pooch, Pilaf, marks the fourth time we've seen the pair in January.

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We've seen Moore's adorable dog many times before yesterday's sighting. Since Pilaf joined the family in 2022, she (yes, she) has been seen tagging along with her A-list owner, sitting in the front row at fashion shows, in the VIP booths at tennis events, and even showing her support while at the OB/GYN. In case you haven't caught on, Pilaf is an up-and-coming "It" girl that everyone should be watching out for.

demi moore with pilaf jan 2024

The actress ran errands with her dog, Pilaf, in New York City on Jan. 24.

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Moore has especially been toting around her itty-bitty baby a lot this month. On most occasions, the actress has donned a similar yet foolproof outfit formula of a long coat, a top-and-trouser combo, and boots.

Pilaf's first appearance in 2024 (that we know of) was in New York City on January 24. Moore was photographed mid-errands in a long black coat along with a graphic tee, straight dark wash jeans, and leather ankle boots. She had a white tote bag in one hand, and what was in the other? Miss Pilaf.

demi moore with pilaf jan 2024

Demi Moore arrived at the Saturday Night Live after-party on Jan. 28 with a Schiaparelli bag in one hand. Slung across her chest? Her furry Chihuahua, Pilaf.

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Moore's dog didn't get much attention until the after-party of Saturday Night Live on January 28. There, the actress pulled up in style to celebrate Dakota Johnson, who hosted that night, wearing her signature black coat once again. This time, she paired the outerwear with a black mock-neck top, sleek gray trousers, and white boots. She carried a Schiaparelli mini purse in one hand, and what was slung across her body? You guessed it: a very stylish Chihuahua.

demi moore with pilaf jan 2024

Demi Moore carried her pup in one hand while in Tribeca on Jan. 29, 2024.

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The following morning on Sunday, Moore stepped out in her go-to black coat, styling her 'fit with a black tee and denim jeans. She had on black boots and sunglasses, carried a mini bag, and held Pilaf in one hand.

It's looking like we'll see more of Pilaf this year, and we hope more celebrities will hop on the wave. This is not a request but a demand!

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