Dua Lipa's Date Night Outfit With Callum Turner Featured—Wait For It—Khakis

Nope, not a flirty cocktail dress or mini skirt: The singer opted for *khakis* while out with her new boyfriend.

Dua Lipa wearing an oversized black blazer with khaki pants
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Dua Lipa has never been one to take the conventional path when it comes to fashion (e.g., pairing UGG slippers with a $12K Birkin bag), so we're rarely surprised when she tosses aside "traditional" dressing rules. The star's latest unorthodox wardrobe choice occurred while out on a date night with her new boyfriend, actor Callum Turner. The "Houdini" singer was spotted grabbing a bite with the actor and his friends at R&D Kitchen in Los Angeles and later attended Turner's Q&A for his new series 'Masters of the Air.' As for Dua Lipa's date night outfit? She wore...wait for it...khaki pants!

The pants, which you may associate with prep school uniforms or safaris, might not be our first choice while out with a new romance, but to no surprise, Dua manages to make them look so chic. Typical "It" girl behavior, right? The Grammy-award-winning singer knows how to style any piece of clothing seamlessly, and perhaps integrating the beige bottoms into a night-out look was a welcome challenge. So, how did she manage to make the uniform-style pants seem cool? Let's break it down.

The pieces that Dua's look consists of are all closet staples, which is a key aspect of what makes her styling so successful. For starters, Dua paired her khaki pants with a simple lace-trimmed blouse. Over the top, she wore a classic black button-down coat that was perfect for a winter evening in L.A.

Dua Lipa wearing an oversized black blazer with tan khaki pants

(Image credit: Backgrid)

She opted for a pair of open-toe silver heels and accessorized with metallic accent pieces, like a chrome clutch and jeweled cluster earrings. Those with a keen eye might also notice the singer's jewelry repeat from just the other night at the Critics Choice Awards. While walking the red carpet, Dua wore a pair of Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany Seven Leaves earrings in 18k gold and platinum. The earrings also feature rubellites (matching Dua's current red hair color!) and diamonds. In quite the outfit switch-up, Dua wore the earrings again with her khaki pants ensemble.

dua lipa critics choice awards

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If anything, Dua's look proves that date-night dressing is all about wearing what makes you feel the most comfortable. Staying true to your personal style, or even taking a fashion risk, shouldn't be shied away from, no matter the occasion.

On top of that, Dua has also given us a lesson in styling khaki pants without looking like we're wearing a school uniform. Will we use it? Unlikely. Nonetheless, the option is there.

Since Dua is in the early stages of this new romance with Callum Turner, we will surely get a glimpse at more daring date night looks, and don't worry, we'll be taking notes.

Melony Forcier
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