Burberry's Spring 2014 Show Explodes the Digital Universe

1,200 Twitter retweets and 18,000 Instagram likes.

As the world gradually gets more-and-more digitally savvy, we're all benefitting from a vast expansion of information sharing. Industries — like fashion — that were once so incredibly exclusive are now instantly available to the runway-hungry masses. And even across the pond, world-renowned brands are jumping on the technological bandwagon.

Burberry set a new precedent on Monday by streaming its Spring 2014 show in London via 11 social networks, its own digital platform, and 13 international live-streams in locations ranging from New York's Times Square to Hong Kong's Worldwide House. The numbers don't lie: Twitter's real-time reach was record-breaking for the brand, including 1,200 retweets of a finale photo and 18,000 likes on a 15-second Instagram video.

"Social media is as important as search, as print, as outdoor, because you're reaching a totally different consumer," Burberry's chief executive officer Angela Ahrendts, told WWD. "You can either put it out there or let them say whatever they want, but we prefer to lead the conversation, fill it with rich content, to start a higher level discussion. And why not? I think that's great branding today."