10 Work-Wear Essentials

The basics for the office

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The transition from school to work sounds tricky, but it's actually quite easy. The 10 following basics will make you look like a sophisticated working woman: You can't go wrong with a white shirt and a straight skirt. A simple flat-front black pant A straight skirt hemmed just below the knee is flattering. A dress, fitted and sleeveless, that can be worn with a cardigan A fine-knit sweater; try a bright color that suits you. A cardigan: Black is always chic and easy to wear. A shell, perhaps in a neutral color. A crisp white shirt always looks smart. A coat: Stay classic with this item and go with black or gray. A classic shoe: A black pump with an elegant heel will go with all of the above. A black bag: With black shoes, it's best to go with a black bag; look for a simple style that's not too oversized.

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