Victoria and David Beckham Just Confirmed Double Denim Is All the Way In for 2023

Knew it!

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You don't have to be a fan of Victoria Beckham's to agree the woman knows her fashion.

So when Posh Spice shows up to an event wearing double denim, and her husband David just happens to also be rocking his own Canadian tuxedo, you basically don't have a choice but to accept the combo is back for 2023. I don't make the rules, sorry. (And even if I did, the rule would be: yes to double denim. I love it. It's a good look.)

Victoria wanted to make sure we all knew she didn't twin with David on purpose. She posted a photo of the two of them in their matching 'fits on Instagram Stories and wrote, "I thought those days were over."

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham

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What she meant by "those days" can probably be interpreted in two ways: first, the days of them wearing matching couple's outfits, and second, the days of the Canadian tuxedo (which took a bit of a nosedive following *that* Britney and Justin moment, as far as I understand).

The designer also wrote, "I got dressed first fyi!!!"

Anyway, she looked absolutely stunning in straight-legged jeans and a denim button-down tucked into them, accessorized with a tan leather clutch.

David wore his own denim button-down over his pair of jeans.

Victoria and David Beckham in denim

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By the way, you could argue that Kanye West and Julia Fox were the first to bring back the couple's Canadian tuxedo when they showed up in the look to Paris Fashion Week in 2022. Fox went on to bravely test the limits of what denim can do in a series of insane and fantastic looks.

BTW, Marie Claire called the rapid return of the Canadian tuxedo for this year amid Fashion Week season. Time to embrace it!

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