This Amazon Subscription Box Will Send Fresh Flowers to Your Home Once a Week

I definitely need this for my drab office desk.

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It's no secret that fresh flowers can liven up our homes, make us happier, and even reduce levels of pain—there's been extensive research on the many positive effects of having blooms nearby. But sometimes, most of us are too busy (or just plain forgetful) to head out each week and purchase a fresh bouquet to display in our homes. That's where this genius idea comes in: flower subscriptions. And even better: Amazon flower subscriptions.

Available on Amazon, BloomsyBox is a kind subscription service that'll send fresh flowers right to your home—or office, or classroom, or basically anywhere else you can think of—once a week. You can choose from three different sizes of bouquets, so you'll have the perfect amount of blooms for wherever you choose to place them in. The flowers range from roses to exotic orchids to sunshine yellow sunflowers—each week features a gorgeous surprise just waiting to be unwrapped.

So how does BloomsyBox work? It's simple; once you place your order, the company will send over the flowers right from the farm where they were grown. The company aims to cut out the middle man—aka wholesalers, flower shops, and other retail sites—so you can get the freshest possible flowers right to your doorstep.

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BloomsyBoz has partnered with over 48 Rainforest Alliance-certified family farms across the world, which means that there are no toxic chemicals in the fertilization process and that the flower farmers are treated fairly. Each stem is hand-picked and cut just two to four days before they're shipped from farms in places like Holland, South Africa, and the United States.

Don't want fresh flowers headed to your front door every week? You can opt for a biweekly subscription or a once-a-month plan instead. If you're going away for an extended period of time or just aren't ready for another bouquet, you can also choose to skip a week (or a month!) of your subscription for no extra charge.

BloomsyBox subscriptions start at $39.99 a month, and you can order online at Amazon or

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