How to Give Your Home an Energy Makeover

Admit it, you're a little curious about crystals—right?

Whether you consider yourself deeply spiritual or worship at the alter of Rihanna, admit it: you're a little curious what all the hype is about crystals. Yes, they're aesthetically pleasing and make house guests think you're super *down to earth,* but what do they do?

Celebrities flock to Heather Askinosie of Energy Muse to find out. From Molly Simms to Jason Mraz, the spiritual guru's new book "Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals To Tune Into The Real You" has been dubbed the Crystal Bible for newcomers. If you want to rid your home of any bad vibes (hello, post-breakup glow-up), this beginner's guide will show you how, step-by-step.

Find out how to give your home an energy makeover with these excerpts from "Crystal Muse," which hits stores October 17th.

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