8 Thoughtful Host Gifts for Your Most Stylish Friends

It's the summer to celebrate visiting all your favorite people again.

(Image credit: Matches Fashion/Bulleit/Flamingo Estate)

As the world begins to reopen (both guardedly and with great gaiety), we can once again look forward to a summer spent alongside our nearest and dearest. Perhaps a Saturday lazing by the pool at a college roommate’s beach house is on the horizon, or the date has already been set for a trip to an in-law’s cozy countryside cabin. No matter the destination, after so much time spent away from our beloved friends, marking such a special occasion with a carefully considered token of gratitude takes on heightened significance. As for what to give the hostess who so graciously opens up her home for a long-awaited day (or week!) of company? Here, eight pitch-perfect gifts that will win you “best guest,” from a top-shelf libation to a pajama set worth staying in all day long.