Barack Obama Celebrated Joe Biden's Birthday with a Perfect Meme

Oh, my heart!

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Red alert! This is not a drill! Former President Barack Obama knows about our memes! He has apparently been using the "internet" and has seen our jokes about how Joe Biden is a delightfully impulsive rapscallion. He has seen our memes!

In celebration of his BFF's birthday, our favorite ex who refuses to text us back made his own JoBama meme and it'

Honestly, I don't think I can handle this. This is like the first time your parent uses an emoji correctly and you're like "Who taught you that? Who you been hanging out with?" If Joe responds with a bunch of fire emojis like Kim Kardashian on Instagram, I'm going to lose it.

Barack H. Obama is sitting up in his house, in his full glow-up, teaching himself memes like it's a DuoLingo course.

I've missed this bromance but this tweet brings it all back. Hollywood, please rush a movie version of this into production immediately. Title it Call Me By Your Meme.

Ugh, my heart! This tweet is just so pure and perfect. Amazingly, even though it was written by a person who was president, it doesn't complain about any random people's ingratitude toward him nor does it push the doomsday clock closer to midnight nor does it make fun of other elected officials with derogatory names. How revolutionary!

If you need me, I'm going to be printing out this tweet, papering my walls with it and humming "Remember the Time" for the rest of the afternoon.

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