Obama's Plan B: Emergency Contraception Available to Women of All Ages!

Women's rights groups have a reason to celebrate: One of their longest and most fought women's health battles has come to an end. In a surprise turn of events yesterday, the Obama administration reversed its previous stance on restrictions of the sale of emergency contraceptives — commonly known to most as Plan B. Now, women of any age are able to purchase the drug without a prescription, or even an ID.

The government's change of heart comes following a ruling made by a New York U.S. District Judge, Edward Korman, this past fall, as well as a delay from the FDA to provide evidence that the $50 drug could be harmful to girls younger than a certain age.

As expected, this decision is a not completely celebrated one. Social conservatives scorn the ruling, claiming that such free access to Plan B prevents parents from having a say in their young daughter's access to emergency contraceptives. Regardless of the doubts of such groups, the fight is over, and now, the FDA has requested a new label so that Plan B is available, prescription free, for everyone.

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