The 16 Best Sex Toys On Amazon, According To Experts And Reviews

Pleasure, meet convenience.

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If you're going to invest in a sex toy, you should always go for the very best. This means that when you're shopping for all your vibrator, dildo, anal toy, and kink needs, you should ensure that you're purchasing a high-quality, long-lasting toy made from body safe material that feels good, cleans easily, and won't degrade. And while there are a variety of luxury sex toys available from a variety of sources, both niche and mainstream, there's also a litany of quality sex toys available on the biggest, most convenience-focused online market of all: Amazon.

However, perusing Amazon's sex toy selection quickly becomes overwhelming due to the sheer number of options available on the site. For that reason, I've scoured Amazon reviews for the all-time best, safest, and most fun options they carry. I've also tapped a few experts, who contributed some of their must-have toys.

The best part? All of these can be delivered straight to your door.

Best Vibrators on Amazon

Vibrators are among the most popular sex toys of all time, and there are a slew of different types. From wand vibrators to G-spot vibrators to bullet vibrators to rabbit vibrators, Amazon carries them all. If you're a big fan of this sex toy and you're an Amazon devotee, check out our more extensive list of the best vibrators on Amazon. And if you have questions about how to use this iconic type of toy, check out our guide on how to use each kind of vibrator

Best Dildos on Amazon

Dildos come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used for either anal or vaginal play (depending on the dildo, of course). However, since these toys are meant to be inserted into one's body, it's extremely important to choose options that are made of the best, safest, and most comfortable size and material. Read on for a few of our favorites on Amazon, and check out our full guide to the all-time best dildos. And remember to use lots of lube!

Best Anal Toys on Amazon

Anal stimulation can be pleasurable for people of all genders, and anal toys can come in the form of both vibrators and dildos. It's important, though, to be sure that toys are made for anal stimulation before you use them. Frye-Nekrasova reminds us that, since the rectum is like a vacuum, anal toys have flared bases in order to ensure that they don't get sucked into the body.

Below, some of our favorite anal toys on Amazon. And if you're an anal aficionado or anal curious, check out our list of the best anal toys and our guide to the best lubes money can buy.

Best Kink Toys on Amazon

Kink toys have seen an incredible boom in popularity, particularly since the release of books and movies like 50 Shades of Grey. Frye-Nekrasova tells us that kink can be freeing for many people, allowing them to indulge in fantasies, express themselves, and explore more within their sexual relationships. As always, though, consent is paramount. It's important to discuss boundaries, fantasies, and safe words before and during kink and/or BDSM play. 

Interested in spicing up your playtime, and looking to get your toys quickly (and on a budget)? Check below for some of Amazon's best kink toys, from restraints to floggers and beyond.

For more, visit our Sexual Wellness section, where we unpack topics around consent, kink, sex toys, and more so you can have your safest and very best sexperiences yet.

Meet the Experts

Javay Frye-Nekrasova
Javay Frye-Nekrasova

Javay Frye-Nekrasova, MEd, is a sex educator, pleasure professional, and sex expert for Lovehoney (opens in new tab). Specializing in pleasure, communication, and sex toys, she is passionate about making comprehensive sex education accessible for all and is in the process of earning a PhD in Human Sexuality from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Her research focuses on sex work, porn, as well as the relationship between the media and society's understanding of sexuality. She also provides sex education via YouTube and social media for her digital series, In Bed With a Millennial. You can find her on Instagram here: @MillennialSexpert.

Angie Rowntree
Angie Rowntree

Canadian-born Angie Rowntree is an award-winning indie filmmaker who pivoted into ethical porn when she founded, a porn site that exclusively produces ethical, feminist material. The site has won numerous awards and is the longest running feminist porn site on the internet.

Dr. Lindsay Byron
Dr. Lindsay Byron

Dr. Lindsay Byron is a Women's Studies scholar who has been published in a number of peer-reviewed journals. She is also a former university instructor and a lifelong exotic dancer. She is now based in Atlanta, Georgia, and coaches womxn on how to step into their power.

Gabrielle Ulubay
E-Commerce Writer

Gabrielle Ulubay is an E-Commerce Writer at Marie Claire and writes about all things beauty, sexual wellness, and fashion. She's also written about sex, gender, and politics for publications like The New York Times, Bustle, and HuffPost Personal since 2018. She has worked extensively in the e-commerce and sales spaces since 2020, including two years at Drizly, where she developed an expertise in finding the best, highest quality goods and experiences money can buy. As a film school graduate, she loves all things media and can be found making art when she's not busy writing.