The Crown

'The Crown's Claire Foy on Royals and Feminism

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Here's Olivia Colman as The Queen in 'The Crown'

Colman will take over for Claire Foy in season three.

What 'The Crown' Got Wrong about Prince Philip

The show didn't always paint him in a good light.

Inside the Making of 'The Crown' Season 2

We want everything in Claire Foy's wardrobe.

"Downton Abbey" Red Carpet - 14th Rome Film Fest 2019
Everything We Know About 'The Crown' Season 4
Yes, that's Dolores Umbridge and she's the frontrunner to play the Q…

Love Netflix's 'The Crown'? So do we. Here's all we know about the new season, the latest trailers, cast updates, and so much more.

Fact-Checking the Entire Third Season of 'The Crown'

Margaret's U.S. tour went so badly, she was "banned" from returning.

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Admiral Louis Mountbatten
Lord Mountbatten From 'The Crown' Died Suddenly and Tragically

Prince Charles' mentor was assassinated by the IRA.

The Princess Margaret Photos That Caused One of the Biggest Royal Scandals

Her vacation with Roddy Llewellyn incited a tabloid frenzy.

The Parker Bowles
What Camilla Parker Bowles' Relationship With Her First Husband Was Like

It'll be covered in The Crown season 3.

Lord Snowden and Lucy Lindsay-Hogg
Who Is Lucy Lindsay-Hogg, Lord Snowdon's Girlfriend and, Later, Wife?

She's an important figure in Snowdon's divorce with Princess Margaret.

Elizabeth And Charles
No, the Queen Never Read Charles' Letters to the Duke of Windsor

It's another creative leap from The Crown.

Princess Alice
'The Crown' Totally Made Up Journalist John Armstrong of 'The Guardian'

It's a crucial storyline...that didn't happen.

Prince Charles and Camilla in Scotland
'The Crown' Will Delve Into What Really Broke Up Charles and Camilla

Tea was spilled (figuratively—but also literally, probably).

Royal Marriage Blessing At Windsor Castle
Why Didn't the Royal Family Want Prince Charles to Marry Camilla Parker Bowles?

She wasn't seen as "suitable" match for the king-to-be.

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La Reine Elizabeth II, Le Duc de Windsor ex roi Edward VIII Et La Duchesse de Windsor Wallis Simpson Celebrent Le Centenaire De La Naissance De La Reine Mary
The Queen and Edward VIII Infamously Met Before He Died

It was, predictably, messy.

The UK Observes Remembrance Sunday
Yes, Queen Elizabeth Actually Does Cry in Public

...even if 'The Crown' makes you think otherwise.

President Johnson Dances With Princess Margaret
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Is Claire Foy In Season 3 of 'The Crown'?

Spoiler alert!

Princess Margaret and Roddy Llwellyn
Princess Margaret Faces Another Royal Scandal In Season 3 of 'The Crown'

It has to do with her boyfriend—while she still had a husband—Roddy Llewellyn.

The Royal Family Didn't Make the Navy Send Charles Away From Camilla

'The Crown' will cover the young couple's breakup.