The migrant crisis worldwide is hitting women particularly hard, subjecting them to domestic abuse, sexual assault and human trafficking, even murder. Marie Claire traveled to Texas, Mexico, Guatemala, and Italy to tell the stories of women journeying to new lands in search of a better life—only to discover the realities they face can be even more brutal than those they left behind.

image The Lost Daughters of Salerno

The news cycle moved on, but Salerno, Italy, the town that became the final resting place for 26 migrant women has not forgotten them.

image Why Domestic Violence Victims Are Being Turned Away at the Border

Trump’s calls for a border wall won’t make it harder for domestic violence survivors to find refuge in the U.S.—a new ruling is already doing that. Marie Claire goes to Tijuana to see what women fleeing abuse endure in seeking asylum.

MCX050119_115 Claudia Gomez Was Killed by a Border Patrol Agent. The Question Remains: Why?

A year ago this month, a 20-year-old Guatemalan woman seeking opportunity in the U.S. was shot dead by a Border Patrol agent in Texas. A video of the killing went viral on Facebook and spurred a media outcry, yet neither the agent’s name nor why he opened fire has ever been made public. In the first of our series on women and migration, we ask, will her family ever get justice?