MC@Work: Reality Check

From hard-hitting news producers to terrorist-hunting CIA agents, the range of careers held down by our favorite female characters on TV has never been wider. But just how realistic are these portrayals? Marie Claire asked real-life pros to weigh in.


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    The Job: Waitress/Cupcake Baker

    2 BROKE GIRLS: Max Black (Kat Dennings)

    WHAT THE SHOW NAILS: Startup costs. Each episode ends with a tally of how much Max and her partner have saved toward the $250,000 they need to open their dream bakery. "For a small shop, that's doable," says Ellen Baumwoll, co-owner of Betty Bakery in Brooklyn, New York.

    WHAT'S PURE FICTION: Partners as roommates. "When we started out, I was seeing my partner 15 hours a day. There's no way our friendship, much less our business, would have survived us living together," says Baumwoll.

    Sonja Flemming/CBS
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