The Worst Dressed Celebrities of 2010

We took a highly informal office poll to vote on the worst in show, and while we hope we don't seem too judgey, well, we'll let the evidence speak for itself. Hey, even stars have bad fashion days. (Guess they really are like us, after all.) And don't forget to check out our best dressed gallery.


Worst Dressed: Katy Perry

Such a cute girl, but seriously, what is going on here?

Worst Dressed: Lindsay Lohan

Look, the girl had a crazy year, no question. But why add sartorial drama to the mix Linds?

Worst Dressed: Taylor Momsen

Honey, you're a doll, so why do you insist on dressing like a streetwalker?

Worst Dressed: The Jersey Shore Girls

To be fair, it's not like their male counterparts dress any better.

Worst Dressed: Ke$ha

Two words: Hot. Mess.

Worst Dressed: Lady Gaga

When it comes to Lady Gaga, we get it. Our concern lies in the fact that countless people will attempt this for Halloween.

Worst Dressed: Miley Cyrus

Bling, cut-out, asymmetrical, fishnets, platforms ... there are five too many trends competing for attention here.

Worst Dressed: Sarah Silverman

Is this dress part of a comedy routine? We prefer Silverman in jeans.

Worst Dressed: Tyra Banks

We love Tyra, but you would think after all those years working in fashion...

Worst Dressed: David Arquette

Serial linen pants wearer David manages to look more disheveled than dapper.
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