Jessica Chastain's Cover Shoot Style

Clad in one-of-a-kind gowns, Jessica Chastain proves she can hold her own in both Hollywood and haute couture. Don't miss our exclusive interview with the November cover girl!

PLUS: See the budding style icon's best red carpet moments!

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    Oscar-nominated stunner Jessica Chastain arrived in Brooklyn (on time!) for her MC cover shoot looking very much the emblem of city sophistication: black Armani sweater; faded gray Rag & Bone skinnies; a buttery Alexander McQueen tote in one hand, soy latte in the other. As she pored over racks of exquisite gowns pulled straight off the Paris couture runways (some of which took thousands of hours to sew by hand), Chastain asked pointed questions about each in an effort to understand the designers' visions. Once she picked her favorites, she eased in front of the camera like she was born to be there, a flame-haired fashion Aphrodite rocking out to her own '80s-era playlist that included Duran Duran, The Police, and The Bangles. She even sang along to "Rio" while making her way down a spiral staircase in some pretty fierce Manolos. Does this woman have talent or what? — Ashley Ross

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