10 Lessons We Learned at Lollapalooza 2012

We traveled to Chicago last weekend for the storied music festival, and three days of music, one terrifying storm, and a good ten miles of walking later, we picked up a little bit of wisdom that we'd like to share. Read on to find out what happened when Marie Claire took on Lollapalooza!


justice at lollapalooza
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    2. In music and fashion, the French just do it better.

    You know how all of the coolest girls you know throw on some Isabel Marant or a Chanel bag for that perfect element of effortless French chic? Well, we bet we know what they're playing on their iPods these days. French groups like Phoenix and Daft Punk have been favorites on the festival circuit for years, and a number of the best performances we saw at Lollapalooza were also some of France's finest. One of the first acts we saw upon arriving in Grant Park on Friday afternoon was Madeon, an 18-year-old French DJ whose mind-blowing production skills put him firmly into "prodigy" territory. That evening, fan favorite M83 played a dazzling synth-pop set as the sun went down. Finally, the last performance we caught on Sunday was by electronic duo Justice, whose hard-hitting dance tracks and clever light show made for one of the rowdiest—and most fun—crowds we experienced at the festival.

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