10 Lessons We Learned at Lollapalooza 2012

We traveled to Chicago last weekend for the storied music festival, and three days of music, one terrifying storm, and a good ten miles of walking later, we picked up a little bit of wisdom that we'd like to share. Read on to find out what happened when Marie Claire took on Lollapalooza!


little girl with water gun at lollapalooza
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    10. You're never too young for a music festival.

    Sure, many parents might shudder at the thought of what their kids are doing when they run off to a music festival for three days, but others just embrace it. We saw plenty of children with their families at Lolla, but ran into this little lady at the Calvin Harris show, spraying the crazed, neon-clad ravers with a water gun. Needless to say, they were thankful.

    Alyssa Vingan
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