Girls on Tour: Artists Share Their Festival Season Must-Haves

It's festival season, which means some of our favorite ladies in music are about to hit the road for a summer filled with back-to-back shows. Here, some of the top female artists on the scene share their tour essentials.


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    Caitlin Rose

    Where you can catch her this summer: SXSW, Kanrocksas

    Key track: "Waitin'"

    What she wouldn’t leave home without:

    1. Benetint by Benefit. Benetint is one of the few makeup products I've purchased on more than one occasion. It smells amazing and can snap you and your face out of a hangover in a couple quick swipes. It's a good way to ease into your day with gradual application.

    2. Blue saltwater sandals. These are my favorite things! When I was a kid we always wore them with socks. They're so comfortable and they match all of my Hawaiian shirts.

    3. Favorite Hawaiian Shirts. In warmer weather I pretty much live in Hawaiian shirts. I throw a blazer on in the evening to rock that casual Weekend at Bernie's look. Pretty flowers and no fuss. I think my favorite's an old Tommy Bahama.

    4. Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion. I keep a little spray bottle of this on hand when I travel. It's a nice spritz in the middle of the day. I don't re-apply tinted moisturizer as much when I use this just because of how nice it feels.

    5. Hampstead Rosehip Hibiscus Tea. This tea is amazing hot or cold (like if you accidentally leave it steeping overnight) and it perks me up without any caffeine. Delicious, fragrant, and immune-boosting as hell.

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