It's Gowns Galore at the People's Choice Awards!

The best of the People's Choice Awards red carpet 2014, and how the people (us!), would wear the fashion and beauty looks.

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Heidi Klum: With a glimmering gown loaded with décolletage, Project Runway's Heidi Klum gets us obsessed with a '70s revival look.

Where We'd Wear It: A festive, disco ball-laden wedding with lots of Diana Ross karaoke.

Allison Williams: The Girls star brought her best Marnie game in this architectural, royal blue number.

Where We'd Wear It: Some sort of garden cocktail party where they serve only white wine and meringues.

Lucy Hale: Off-the-shoulder and intergalactic, the Pretty Little Liars actress has us seeing stars.

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Where We'd Wear It: Any space age-gone-sexy party.

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Jennifer Hudson: BAM! We want to be Jennifer Hudson. From the chic pixie cut to the drop-dead way she rocks the white dress, we're going to take all of our style cues from her.

Where We'd Wear It: Everywhere/our wedding.

Lea Michele: This Glee star sexes up this girly-girl hue with a whole lot of sparkles and strappy sandals. And whoa, we're loving those legs.

Where We'd Wear It: Anytime you want to "dress to impress" in a not-so-professional environment. This is a guaranteed head turner.

Nina Dobrev: We're getting some Victorian vampire vibes from starlet's sparkle-infused high neck dressed.

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Where We'd Wear It: The best Bar Mitzvah ever. Have to glam it up and be modest at the same time, too!

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Jessica Alba: The actress wrapped this look up in a curve-hugging white strapless dress with metallic bandage accents. We're digging the up-the-front slit as a sexy complement.

Where We'd Wear It: A dinner party — you'll be guaranteed to turn heads and where you, not the food, will be the main attraction.

Kat Dennings: The 2 Broke Girls actress looked anything but broke in this buxom number, which she joked showed off her "Golden Globes."

Where We'd Wear It: A ball where they are cool with lots of cleavage.

Sandra Bullock: We're digging this leafy-textured shift dress in which Bullock shows off some slight leg action. We also love the gold-toned shoes.

Where We'd Wear It: A tea-time affair where you can spike the drinks.

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