Kate Middleton's Cool Girl Factor Just Went Up a Notch

And then the double thumbs up happened...

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We're not speaking from experience, but we imagine that life as a royal, as privileged as it is, could sometimes be a tad, well, dull. Long formal dinners, dry converstaions, lots of waving—it's not exactly thrilling on a daily basis. However, the royal couple's Australian tour has proved to be quite an adventure, one that has even lead them to hitting the one's and two's.

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Earlier today, Prince William and Kate Middleton (bedecked in a lovely pink Alexander McQueen look) tried their hand at DJing at a hip-hop school in Elizabeth. D.J. Shane Peterer gave them a lesson in scratching, during which each royal was endearingly awkward Middleton even ended her set with a double thumbs up. Proving that they can never do wrong in our eyes, it makes us love them all the more.

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