Bjork's New Video: Weird Even for Bjork

I love Bjork's videos in part because I like a lot of her music—but more than that, I can always count on her for big-bang spectacle. Her newest video, "Wanderlust," is a 3-D freak-fest, beautiful and creepy—and looks a lot like Jim Henson's "The Dark Crystal." Plus yaks. Seven and a half minutes of giant, scary-eyed, yarn yaks.

The video cost over $100,000 and nine months to make, since the whole thing is shot in stereoscopic 3-D. Instead of collaborating with her usual partner, avant-garde kookster Michel Gondry, Bjork teamed up with geek-chic directors Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch, who admitted they to get inspired for the video, they tripped on mushrooms while walking around in nature (uh, it shows).

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Though it premiered briefly at the Deitch Projects art gallery in Queens, you can watch it in 2-D here.

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