23 Thoughtful Gifts for Mom

Further proof that you were always the favorite child. πŸ˜‡

80 Thoughts I Had While Bingeing 'The Crown' Season 2

Will Meghan Markle play Meghan Markle if the show keeps going?

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15 Motivational Songs to Get You Through 2018

Things are rocky out there, but music makes it (somewhat) better.

'Howards End' Is About to Be Your New TV Obsession

Get your exclusive first look at the sumptuous new costume drama.

24 Things You Never Knew About 'Love Actually'

One crucial element of a scene changes depending on where you watch the movie.

28 Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for the Procrastinators Among Us (Cough Cough)

Get ready to *finally* check off every person on your list.βœ“

15 Wedding Songs That Aren't Completely Corny

It can't all be the Electric Slide.

Mean Girls Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, Amanda Seyfried
23 Gifts for Your Ride-or-Die Work Wives

How would we go on without them? πŸ™

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Alert: The Newest Instagram Feature Will Let You Keep Your Stories Forever

There's about to be some major updates to how your profile looks, too.

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queen of bhutan
You're Going to Love the World's Youngest Queen

Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan became a monarch when she was just 21 years old.

The Terrifying New Netflix Show That Everyone's Comparing to 'Stranger Things'

The new German supernatural crime thriller is just as gripping as life in Hawkins.

Prepare to Binge: These Were the Best TV Shows of 2017

Ugh, so much content, so little time.

7 Gift Experiences That Will Make You Rethink Traditional Presents

Don’t just add to the Holiday Pile of Stuff™.

It's Official: These Were the 15 Best Movies of 2017

Cash me in a movie theater, how 'bout that.

40 Things That Made Us Smile This Year, Because 2017 Wasn't All Trash

Find someone who looks at you the way Prince George looks at helicopters.

31 Trendy Gifts for Every Member of Your Squad

Let's just hope they get you presents half this good.

2018 Will Be the Year of These 8 Rising Musicians

Meet the artists soundtracking your life next year.

24 Movies Coming Out in 2018 That Are So Good You'll Actually Pay $$ to See Them

It takes a lot to drag us off the couch. But these movies might just do it.

25 Affordable Holiday Gifts That Won't End Up Immediately Re-Gifted

Because sometimes a girl has to save her money for herself.