Ideal for listening to music outdoors, Voombox is the ultimate speaker for the holiday. It's portable, Bluetooth compatible and water resistant with 15W output and 12 hours of battery to keep you going all night long. Need I say more? $99.99, divoomusa.com

Shutterball takes #SELFIE to a whole new level. What better way to capture memories with family and friends? Download the free app from Google Play or the App Store, set your phone on the stand (included), cram as many faces into the frame as possible (a la Ellen DeGeneres epic Oscar selfie), say cheese, and squeeze (the shutterball). $24.99, shopvoxx.com

Happy Plugs
Let the good times roll with these Happy Plugs ear buds. Available in red, white, and blue—could they be any more perfect? $24.99, happyplugs.com

Phone Cases
To jam out and snap pics, you obviously need your smartphone. But bringing that precious, perfect piece of technology without which you could not survive (what, am I the only one who thinks that?) near water and rowdy crowds is dangerous. We're protecting ours with some durable cases. A few favorites are the Otterbox, Speck CandyShell, and PureGear Dualtek. From top to bottom: Prices vary speckproducts.com; pure-gear.com; otterbox.com

Disposable Camera
Kick it old school with a disposable camera. Best part? The entertainment only gets better once you develop your photos. Urban Outfitters carries disposable cameras with preprinted phrases on the film. Love it most when the words don't match the photo. $15.00, urbanoutfitters.com


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