When we first picked up The Friday Night Knitting Club, it wasn't because we'd taken up knitting. It was, we must admit, because we'd read that a celebrity (was it Hilary Swank?) was enjoying it.It's a good thing, too, because despite being perfectly appealing to the avid knitters among us, the story uses knitting as merely as a background to a story about, well, life. More specifically, the Friday Night Knitting Club (ahem) weaves together the lives of a number of women in various stages and stations in life - some knitters, some not so much.

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The story, by former magazine editor Kate Jacobs, follows the lives of its characters - in particular the main character Georgia Walker, whose shop, Walker & Daughter, hosts the knitting club - without resorting to stereotypical personalities or over-the-top plot twists. It's easy to forget that the characters aren't your friends. (Notice how we've restrained from thread-related cliches?)After you're firmly attached to your new close-knit circle of friends (oops), but before you realize your emotional vulnerability, Jacobs does something unexpected - she changes things up, and it goes from being a good book to being a really great story. So much so that you'll eagerly check out its cleverly disguised web-site, www.walkeranddaughter.com, to see when the next meeting is. We did.

Bonus tip: Word has it that Julia Roberts has signed on to star in the film version.

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