MC Cheatsheet: How to Rent Fake Friends & Super-Cheap Wedding Dresses

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Jihan: "Who needs real friends when you can rent fake ones." [Guardian]

Kate: "Talk about saying yes to the dress. These off-the-rack wedding gowns are all under $200. (And they're actually cute.) Just hit up the mall a few hours before the ceremony and you're set!" [Aisle Dash]

Ying: "Not that we don't fancy a new lipstick, but did Newsweek seriously publish a survey telling job-seekers to spend more on beauty products? We think the best advice is actually downplayed in the kicker, which says that confidence trumps all." [Newsweek]

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Lauren: "I can't decide if rotating just six items of clothing for one month is confining or liberating…" [New York Times]

Katie: "Just like looking through an old yearbook (with embarrassing hair days and everything!): A scrapbook of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss' friendship." [Modelinia]

Sophia: "Sarah Jessica Parker's potential new Park Avenue digs? Even nicer than Carrie and Big's." [Gawker]

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