MC Cheatsheet: Rag & Bone's Highly Caffeinated Documentary

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Elana: "I'm a shameless caffeine addict. I'm also obsessed with Rag & Bone's fall collection of plaids, parkas, and Fair Isle knits. So while the fact that the design duo's upcoming documentary will be posted on seems a little strange, you'd better believe I'll be watching. The 'bucks just got chicer!" [WWD]

Katie: "Allow our style and accessories director, Taylor Tomasi Hill, to introduce you to your new best friendship bracelet." [Refinery29]

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Anna: "There are many, many reasons why I love Google, but the latest is that they're now planning to promote their (awesome, btw) Google Voice service with cute lil' British-style phonebooths!" [Fast Company]

Sophia: "Not sure what to think about this Breast Cancer Foundation campaign, except that it's very, very strange. And possibly not suitable for work." [The Frisky]

Koryn: "According to a new poll, 91 percent of the country wants to be either richer, thinner, smarter, or younger. As for the remaining 9 percent… What the hell could you people possibly want?" [MultiVu]

Kate: "There's no stopping them: Stripper heels are alive and, um, growing." [StyleList]

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