Google Glass Debuts Refreshingly Un-Robotic Frames

Google Glass's stylish new frames make the face computer even more more appealing!

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Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Google Glass Base Camp in New York's meatpacking district, and previewing their latest development—Glass prescription and sunglass frames in seven splashy new titanium-crafted styles. The good news? Google Glass 2.0 has a lot more in common aesthetically with Warby Parker, MOSCOT, and Ray Ban than did the Trekkie-ish headgear we've slowly become accustomed to seeing affixed to the faces of vanity-proof strangers on the subway. The bad news? The decidedly un-Spock-like new designs—which yes, we'd totally be down to sport on trains and other forms of public transportation—are still only available to the elite (though ever-expanding) community of Glass Explorers anointed for an early look. Plus there's that pesky price tag—$1500 for the device plus $225 for the prescription frames and $150 for the shades. "We foresee this coming in many different materials and colors and editions," Isabelle Olsson, the 30-year-old in-house lead designer on the project, told me while modeling a pair of Curve frames, the most nerdy-chic of the new styles. "This is our first collection; It's just the beginning." Bottom line: Face computers, it would seem, are about to get a whole lot more stylish.

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