17 Not-So-Tiny Problems Only Short People Understand

Most of the time, it's fun to be short. Except these times.

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1. People like to pat you on the head. What purpose does this serve?

2. They also really like to call you cute. It gets annoying fast.

3. Ditto for shorty. Just stop.

4. Your pants cost $30 more than everyone else's because you have to get them hemmed. Also formal dresses and non-mini skirts. You're basically keeping your tailor in business.

5. You can't reach half the shelves in your apartment. Hope you have space for a small ladder.

6. Standing-room-only concerts are the worst. Oh, did you want to see Beyoncé perform?

7. Grocery shopping is an exercise in flirting. Why do supermarket shelves go up so high?

8. You might as well not bother owning an ottoman because your feet will never reach it.

9. You have to wear heels to work. If you don't, you are basically a foot shorter than all your coworkers.

10. People constantly want to pick you up. And they often just do it without permission or warning. I am not a puppy.

11. You look up to everyone. Literally.

12. Making out with a tall dude is a workout. Your neck hurts from stretching, your legs hurt from standing on your tip toes for so long, your abs hurt from trying to keep your balance — it's practically a barre class.

13. Holding hands is also awkward.

14. People use your shoulder as their personal armrest, and sometimes your head as a headrest. Do I look like furniture?

15. Taking pictures is a nightmare. It takes at least three takes to convince your taller friend that 1) she should not bend down to take a photo with you and 2) she does not look like a yeti next to you.

16. You get stuck in the middle seat on road trips even though that seat is equally uncomfortable no matter your leg length.

17. You will never be a supermodel.


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