36 Photos to Remind You That Rhythmic Gymnastics Is All Sorts of Baton-Twirling Wonderful


Compared to its more mainstream sibling, rhythmic gymnastics is often overlooked at events like the Olympics. And that's bullshit! It might be limited to the floor event, but the moves on display are still hella impressive, and there are PROPS involved — balls and batons and hoops and ribbons, all of them fabulous. Also, the leotards are much fancier and that has to count for something. (IMO, it counts for a lot.)

Enjoy a series of photos from the all around Olympic rhythmic gymnastics qualifying rounds in Rio Friday, and know that your best hula hoop moves will forever pale in comparison. Also, cheer on Team USA's Laura Zeng, because she's a superstar!

From: Cosmopolitan
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1 Look at this balance.

South Korean gymnast Son Yeon Jae.

2 Marvel at it, even.

Greek gymnast Varvara Filiou.

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3 And a hula hoop, say what now.

French gymnast Kseniya Moustafaeva.

4 Fuck yes ombre ribbons.

Spanish gymnast Carolina Rodriguez Ballesteros.

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Varvara Filiou.

6 Back with the balls again.

Uzbekistani gymnast Anastasiya Serdyukova.

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7 Can't even deal with the balance skills happening here.

Russian gymnast Margarita Mamun.

8 Especially because you'd probably have sweaty palms in this moment.

Russian gymnast Yana Kudryavtseva.

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9 How do they do it?!

Australian gymnast Danielle Prince.

10 This is magic, literally.

Chinese gymnast Rong Shang.

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