5 GAP Pieces Under $150

Who doesn't love to shop? This November we're bringing you five items from some of our favorite nationwide stores, and—'cause you know, we picked them—all perfect for Christmas gifts.

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One of our favorite stores to shop right now? Gap! Whether you opt for a cosy night in or a night out on the town, Gap is sure to have you covered. Just check out that hot pink moto jacket!

1. The Sweatshirt: 1969 Metallic Sweatshirt, $39.95

2. The Dress: Navy Dress, $69.95

3. The Jacket: Bright Wool Moto Jacket, $128

4. The Jeans: 1969 Destructed Sexy Boyfriend Jeans, $69.95

5. The Skirt: Pleated Stripe Skirt, $59.95

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