Best of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days

Even a year ago, we knew that Ukraine had a unique fashion scene. We decided to make the long trek to Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days to see what people were wearing and what top designers are making international waves.


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    Anna October

    Cocktail dresses are a dime (or a kopek) a dozen, but designer Anna October has managed to kick them up a notch with her x-ray precision and slick silhouettes. In a collection that was invested in sharp details like thigh-high slits and peekaboo waist and collarbone cut-outs, dresses shimmered in peaches and yellows. Other standout looks included white collared crop tops paired with empire trousers and a '70s style white tuxedo suit. Wearable, classic styles reigned the runway, proving that this golden child of Ukraine is American market ready. 

    Runway: Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days; Instagram: Courtesy of Liana Satenstein
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