Closet Psychology 101: What Your Clothing Says About You

What is in a closet? Heaps of unworn clothing, dresses with tags still on them, an ex-boyfriend’s sweaters, or jeans that are too tight? Often what we find in a woman's closet gives us a peek into her personality, emotional state, fears or desires. How does a closet project who you are to other people, and more importantly, is your wardrobe covering up your potential? We spoke with Tracy DiNunzio, the CEO and founder of Tradesy, to give us a little insight about what exactly is lurking in our closets.


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    Your Closet is Filled With...No Color

    You may want to go into hiding.

    "When you have a woman who is dressing solely in neutrals, there is a sense of almost wanting to disappear and not wanting to be seen. It can be related to any number of things. It could be a self-esteem issue, or perhaps the person is more of an introvert who only feels comfortable with their closer circle and is wary of new people in social situations."

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