Venus Williams's Top 8 Extreme Tennis Outfits

Venus Williams is known for both her prowess on the tennis court and her fearless, if somewhat questionable, game-time fashion sense. Here, some of her craziest tennis outfits.


Down the Rabbit Hole

Venus debuted this colorful, criss-cross number at the 2011 Australian Open. She said the "Wonderland Dress" was inspired by Alice in Wonderland because of its element of surprise, as skin-baring styles are rarely seen on the court.
Julian Finney/Getty Images

Double Take

Williams struts the court with the kind of confidence that only a frilly red tennis negligee can inspire. Crushing her opponent may also have something to do with it.
Tony Gutierrez/AP Images

Latin Fever

For safety's sake, Williams reserves headgear for awards ceremonies only.

Grand Slam Glam

Williams shows off her fashion chops on the court with this lacy tennis dress.
Dave Caulkin/AP Images

Naked Ambition

Having established a penchant for flesh-colored undergarments, Williams has been drawing attention for more than her serve.
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Hit or Miss...

After the success of the little red number, Williams had another made in black — a couple of layers of crinoline have been known to amp up a girl's game.
Julian Finney/Getty Images

The Softer Side

Part Little Bo Peep, part tennis powerhouse.

Girlie Girl

Sure, she's got more lean muscle mass than a high school football team. But that doesn't mean she's not into pink. Bonus points for the matching nail polish.
Darron Cummings/AP Images
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