Fresh Paint

What better way to toast 50 years of Dior polishes than with a technicolor party?


August 15, 2012 6:00 PM

Dior Nails

"Whether natural, pearlized, or matte, nails speak their own language," declares Tyen, creative director of makeup at Christian Dior, a couture house that embraced nail art very, very early on. Back in 1962, Dior debuted Nail Vernis, a collection of four lacquers in red (Monsieur Dior's signature shade) and nude. Fast-forward half a century and the polishes are still holding court, albeit via a motley mix.

To toast Vernis' 50th anniversary, Dior hosted a color-centric bash (think decadent cakes topped with kaleidoscopic sauces and a rainbow of fresh flowers) at The Hole gallery in NYC, tapping artist Holton Rower to create a custom piece inspired by five legendary Vernis shades. His medium? Acrylic paint doctored with opalescent pigments to mimic nail polish—which he live-poured, one coffee cupful at a time (85 total), into an 8-foot flowing masterpiece. Hole Creative Director Fabiola Beracasa feted the occasion in a more understated way: with a Rower-tribute mani. Bring on the finger paints!