What I Love About Me: Santa Barbara, CA

These beachy babes sizzled on the streets of sunny, Southern Cali.


June 27, 2011 11:00 AM

Beach Beauties

Lauren Dumler, 16

"People say my nose looks like Cindy Lou Who's from The Grinch. I take it as a compliment — I think it's perky and cute."

Beach Beauties

Brittanny Molony, 24

"My hazel eyes change from bluish green to slightly gray to convey my mood — they're the window to all my thoughts."

Beach Beauties

Jennifer Rodriguez, 23

"Even when I put on a few pounds, my arms always stay slim and defined — no weight lifting required!"

Beach Beauties

Mariella Olea, 28

"My strong Mexican family taught me to carry myself with confidence. Beauty really does come from within."

Beach Beauties

Rocio Ibarra, 19

"Growing up in El Salvador, being the tall girl at school was hard, but now I embrace my 5'10" frame — and I can spike a volleyball like no one's business!"

Beach Beauties

Natalia Hatley, 21

"Being petite has its advantages. My boyfriend loves to sweep me off my feet."

Beach Beauties

Anne Cac, 30

"I'm obsessed with exfoliating and moisturizing my full lips. I always have a million balms in my bag to keep them supersoft."

Beach Beauties

Sarah Morabito, 30

"I have to thank my mom for giving me these toned legs. I love to show them off in a great pair of cutoff shorts."

Beach Beauties

Sarah Towe, 19

"My entire body rocks! I just lost 30 pounds practicing yoga, and I finally feel sexy in a bikini!"

Beach Beauties

Alise Harris, 27

"I wore braces for three years. Once they were off, I couldn't help smiling all the time."

Beach Beauties

Janet Shih, 29

"My quirky personality makes me feel like I'm one-of-a-kind. I'll never be a conformist!"