Who's the Fittest of Them All?

Some people swear by ballet boot camp or sweaty yoga sessions, but which workout really delivers the best full-body results? Before you invest in the next fitness craze, see how five pros measure up.


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    NAME: Keisher "Fire" McLeod-Wells
    AGE: 34
    HEIGHT: 5'8"
    WEIGHT: 109 pounds
    WORKOUT ROUTINE: Strength-trains for two to three hours a day, five days a week. Alternates between jumping rope, shadowboxing with 2-pound weights, and sparring in the ring for 45 minutes.
    BODY COMPOSITION: 14 percent body fat with a BMI of 16.6.
    AEROBIC CAPACITY: VO2 Max of 48, which puts her in the 97th percentile for women between the ages of 30 and 39.
    MUSCULAR STRENGTH: 50 crunches and 40 push-ups.
    POWER: 14-inch vertical jump.
    FLEXIBILITY: 7.5 inches on the sit-and-reach test.
    THE VERDICT: If mellow yoga classes aren't for you, try McLeod-Wells' circuit-style boxing routine with endurance- and muscle-building exercises like jumping rope and shadowboxing. Plus, arm-sculpting jabbing sessions result in stellar upper-body strength, making tasks like carrying groceries and carting heavy loads of laundry a breeze. Flexibility can be deficient here, so adding Pilates or some other stretch-oriented class would boost your workouts in the ring.

    Nicky Woo
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