The Best of Boutique Fitness

If you're looking to get in shape for spring, look no further: We've rounded up — and tested out — the best boutique workouts around. These are the classes you need to try right now.


figure 4
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    Figure 4

    What is Figure 4? A ballet-based barre method created by Kate Albarelli, whose background in ballet and degree in dance and kinesiology helped her incorporate heart health and fat-burning exercises into the class — unlike many other barre methods that barely increase the heart rate.

    What does it do? Named after the common ballet stretch “Figure 4” that targets the four major parts of the body — abs, arms, glutes, and thighs — the double entendre speaks to what the class will do for your body. Albarelli’s method targets each zone, burning fat held underneath the muscle so the muscle will lie flatter on the bone, creating a longer and more toned look.

    How does it feel? The intensity of the class works your muscles to failure — the point where you might have to take a few breaks the first time and will feel fatigued for hours after the class. The biggest bonus? Body awareness will have you sitting up straighter.

    How can you get the workout at home? Lie on your left side, extend the left arm long and place a pillow on top of your left shoulder so your head is cushioned. Bring your knees up in front of your hips, so that your legs are at a 90-degree angle, like you’re sitting in a pseudo-chair. Keeping the legs at 90 degrees, lift and lower the right leg to hip level. Keep the hips stacked and place your back against a wall if you must in order to keep the back straight. Pulse up and down twenty times on each leg.

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