Inside The Studio With Lady Grey

After meeting at school in Boston, designers Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader discovered that they not only shared the same aesthetic, they shared the same entrepreneurial spirit. The ladies made the move to New York after graduating, and immediately began production on their line, Lady Grey. Martinelli and Le Guyader invited us into their Brooklyn studio space, and spoke to us about their experiences as female business owners, how they get inspired, and what it's like working with a best friend.. Photography by Kathryn Wirsing.


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    Lady Grey

    Marie Claire: How did you guys officially start your brand? How did it come to be?

    Jill: We became friends in school and noticed that we were both making really dark and twisted jewelry for projects. We both liked each others work, and once we started talking we realized that we had both worked at dentist’s office as teenagers, and learnt how to make jewelry from that. I worked with an orthodontist so I welded brackets and did castings of teeth.

    Sabine: My dad is a dental technician so he does the framework that you would make dentures on. 

    Jill: I always knew what I wanted to do—I always wanted to be in fashion. There was a sale at school once and I was like, "Sabine, do you want to make some necklaces with me for the sale?" So we started by doing that, and that was it. Then we started working out of my kitchen.

    Kathryn Wirsing
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