How Meghan Markle Gets Her Legit Perfect Skin

"Meghan really looks after herself, and I think it shows."

This Woman's Blackhead Cure Is Going Viral

And it only took a few ~*MaGiCaL*~ products.

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6 Super-Cheap Drugstore Acne Products Real People Swear By

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This At-Home DNA Test Tells You What Anti-Aging Products to Use

So naturally, I swabbed my mouth and tested it out.

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These No-Bullsh*t Eye Creams Get Rid of Your Puffy Eyes Fast

Please remove those spoons from your freezer.

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The Internet Swears by These 5 Supplements for Perfect Skin, but Do They Really Work?

Smoother skin and zero acne is allegedly in your vitamin aisle.

Can Cutting Dairy *Really* Fix All Your Skin Issues?

Yes, your cheese intake could be in jeopardy, here.

The 5 Best Peel-Off Face Masks That Won't Destroy Your Face

Because raw, ripped-off skin is *so* last year.

You Need to See These Truly Crazy Dermarolling Before-and-After Pics

Hi, we would like this done to our face now, please.