Sophie Moura

10 New Ways to Detox

What better way to shake off the winter weirds?

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She May Be a Bitch — But Is She a Bully?
Emily Bazelon, author of Sticks and Stones (Random House), a new book on bullying, explains why women aren't immune to schoolyard-style…
katie bayne
MC@Work: Getting to Know Katie Bayne
As president of sparkling drinks for Coca-Cola North America, Katie Bayne reveals her secrets for getting ahead in a big company, the c…
Women on Top Awards: The Transformers
For our third annual Women on Top Awards, we combed the country for the up-and-comers leading thought-revolutions, creating businesses,…
The Political Vag-Enda
In her latest book, Vagina: A New Biography, feminist Naomi Wolf takes a look at our nation's latest hot-button topic: lady parts.
money in box
The Rich Girl's Money Rules to Live By
Want to earn more? Spend smarter? Live a glamorous life? Take charge of your money with our financial cheat sheet.
Women on Top
Starting out with just a game-changing idea, a bulletproof business plan, or an electrifying design, these women are reinventing their …
feet on diving board
Are you Taking Enough Risks?
With her health and marriage on the line, a lifelong perfectionist learns to chill out.
rachel craig
Starvation Nation: Inside a Groundbreaking Eating Disorder Facility
While most of America focuses on obesity, anorexia is claiming new patients in record numbers. At a cutting-edge treatment facility, we…
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woman getting acupuncture
8 New Ways to Detox
The best natural agents, slimming soaks, saunas, and salts for a mental makeover and better body.
Michelle Christensen
The next Philippe Starck
Julia Kahr
The next Warren Buffett
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Mara Schiavocampo
The next Diane Sawyer
Hannah Pingree
The next Nancy Pelosi
Kimberly Ovitz
The next Donna Karan
Ruchi Sanghvi
The next Mark Zuckerberg
Alexa von Tobel
The next Suze Orman
Anjali Jaiswal
The next Erin Brockovich
Lena Dunham
The next Kathryn Bigelow
Michelle Phan
The next Kevyn Aucoin