Visit Now: Paintbox Nail Salon

A New York City nail salon whose surroundings are as chic as the nail art.

While heading to the cheapest (and closest!) nail salon for a quickie manicure is certainly appealing, there's something to be said for indulging in a nail salon where you actually want to spend your time. Such is the case for Paintbox, a new New York-based nail salon that opened its doors in the Spring of 2014. Opened by Eleanor Langston, who was previously a beauty editor at Cosmopolitan and Self magazines, Paintbox isn't like your regular neighbourhood salon. For one, the space is gorgeous. As in, you want to move in and take pictures as apartment inspiration gorgeous. There are pale pink walls, comfy navy benches and awesome magazines. Two, they have really cool details like a nail bar to drink iced coffee or champagne and read aforementioned awesome fashion magazines, AND a special lightbox to take a mani "selfie."

Specializing in nail art (although they do offer a plain—and perfectly executed—manicure), the salon offers a menu book of the season's latest designs and colors, which are all handpicked by Langston and Julie Kandalec, Paintbox Creative Director and a celebrity manicurist. And with polishes from almost every major brand (including Chanel, Essie, and Deborah Lippmann), the only thing we could ask for is that they offer pedicures too.

Paintbox is located at 17 Crosby St, New York.

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