Beauty Products to Toss, Try, and Buy

Winter's ultimate refresh-your-routine guide from MC's beauty editors.

new beauty products
(Image credit: Jeffrey Westbrook)

TOSS Leaky travel sprays that scent all the contents of your purse — can you say "money migraine"?

TRY Solid perfumes that multitask as cuticle balms and flyaway tamers.

BUY Spill-proof, travel-perfect Clinique Happy-to-Go perfume pencils in Clinique Happy, A Wealth of Flowers, and A Hint of Citrus ($30 for three).

TOSS Summery hot-pink eye shadows.

TRY Cool hues like greens, blues, and purples that brighten the whites.

BUY Cargo PlantLove 100% Natural Origin Eye Shadow in Blue Jay ($20) — its biodegradable packaging means you'll be guilt-free about tossing come spring!

TOSS Face products your best friend recommended (that did nothing for you).

TRY Online complexion counseling from a virtual skin expert at or

BUY Neutrogena Skin iD's custom three-step regimen ($39.90) or Home Skin Lab's 28-day skin-care kits.

TOSS The scent testers cluttering your bathroom counter.

TRY Sparkly floral fragrances that evoke tropical winter escapes (instead of the usual woodsy autumnal scents).

BUY Lilly Pulitzer Perfume in Wink, Squeeze, and Beachy ($68 each), whose vivid bottles double as color therapy.