Jumped the Shark: Rosé Deodorant Exists Now

Um, cheers?

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Exactly one year ago, rosé gummies had a wait list longer than most private preschools, prompting us to ask—in earnest—"have we reached peak rosé?"

But no, not even close.

Since then, there's been a rosé billboard, an activewear line, a wildly popular sorbet tutorial, and a few zillion beauty products inspired by the millennial pink booze.

This Thursday, we'll get the most insane addition yet: ROSÉ DEODORANT.

BUY IT: $30, nativecos.com.

Made by Native with natural ingredients (and without parabens or aluminum), the rosé deodorant is part of a new line of "Brunch Scents" that also includes Mimosa and Sangria.

Next up...deodorant that smells like unicorn tears?

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