3 Cool New Ways to Ride Your Bike

First came spinning. Then came the paparazzi shots of eco-celebs on their even-greener ten-speeds. Now comes...the road-ready elliptical bike? (Is that even street-legal?) Bike riding has never been so chic, and this summer pedal-pushing is going to adopt even more devotees. Here are three new ways to work out on wheels, no matter how you like to exercise.


RUNNING/WALKING: Try the new elliptical bicycle called the ElliptiGO 8S. Created by a former (injured) athlete, this two-wheeler allows you to get the same workout you would on the machine — just outdoors at a low mile-per-hour-rate. Distribution starts nationwide this summer

SPINNING: Try SoulCycle, a series of gyms with locations in Manhattan, the Hamptons, and Westchester, NY, that offer spinning classes peppered with moments of Zen (i.e., motivational messages). Don't be fooled by the New Age angle; you'll leave a 45-minute session session saying, "Ohm going to pass out."

THE NON-WORKOUT WORKOUT: Try B-Cycle, a public bike-sharing program that recently launched in Denver and will start popping up in other cities across the country. As with the rent-a-bike services available across Europe, you only need to scan your credit card as insurance. The rental — and pedaling fun — are gratis!

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